Our mission, our values


Here, we operate collaboratively, with an open-minded and respectful approach. Our work environment is structured to preserve the autonomy of each individual while encouraging the exchange of knowledge. We prioritize the development and well-being of artists to ensure that we welcome our clients in a safe and inspiring environment

We acknowledge that there are numerous issues deeply rooted in the body art industry that limit artists from breaking through in this field. Exhausted by the industry's gatekeeping, we value transparency, both among ourselves and with our clients.

We are going against the tide, departing from traditional salons to build an environment where we can push ourselves beyond limits and find solace.

We therefore offer services with social stakes because we are aware of the existing issues in our respective environments. In France, tattooing is regulated by a syndicate that protects the artists as well as the clients by regulating hygiene, pricing, practices, and business relationships. Such a thing does not exist in Canada, which puts tattooing in a "gray area." This leaves room for dangerous behaviors in terms of hygiene, ethics, ecology, and safety. We draw inspiration from this syndicate and strive to push each of these aspects a little further.


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Le Crimson
323 Rue Ontario E
Montréal QC, H2X 1H7


Opening hours

From tuesday to saturday
Tattoo: 12pm to 19pm
Café / Bar: 12pm to 3am